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  • The joining is completly free. To sign up and become a member is easy, just a few clicks to use the amazing applications and resources on our site at no cost, at any time of your day.
  • Meet new friends and keep in touch with the people you love. Once you become a member you can start connecting Recollection.it and share your memories with friends, family, co-workers.
  • Access to awesome social networking applications. Members have access to fantastic social networking applications such as Video and Voice Chat, Text Chat, Groups, articles, File Sharing, boards, blogs, and more.
  • Store and share your memories. You can easily upload and share all your personal memories as MP3 music files, photographs, uploaded pictures from your digital camera or video.

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SomeFrequently questions

Go to your account and click on Avatars. You can select a Avatars as main photo or upload a photo from your computer. If you have installed the module for the photos, the view page of photos you can choose a picture and set it as your avatars.
Go to your account and click on Edit Profile. You can change your details such as your motto, the description, sex, etc.
If you subscribe to another user, his profile will be added to your subscription page. This means that you will be updated on its activities such as blogs, etc.
The account could be due to a violation of the Terms of Service.